The Next Chapter Begins

I got the idea to start this blog several months ago.  I wanted a place to write about the struggles of being a single divorced mom.  I wanted to give hope to single moms out there.  I wanted to be the voice of “you CAN do this!” for single moms who were frustrated with the daily struggles of life, frustrated with the judgement from others about divorce, frustrated with ex-spouses, frustrated with children who didn’t show them respect because there was no father figure to tell them to listen to their mother,  just frustrated with life. I wanted to give them hope.  I wanted to give them encouragement.  I wanted to give them advice.  I wanted to be their cheerleader.  I wanted to be their mentor.  I wanted to give them a place to find support.  When I got my divorce, my mom told me “people bring casseroles to funerals, but not to the courthouse steps.”   And, oh, how right she was!  I wanted my blog to bring divorced women casseroles!

I had seen similar blogs for widows and stay at home moms, but nothing for single divorced moms.  Society thinks divorce is wrong.  So I guess they also think those moms don’t need any help.  But society is wrong.  Divorced moms need help more than anyone.  Divorced moms not only mourn the loss of a relationship, but usually have to deal with the added drama of an ex-spouse who will go out of his way to make things more difficult.  Divorced moms must find strength inside to battle the social pressures of being divorced, especially in the church, where they should be loved the most.  Divorced moms have to balance the world of dating with the role of being a parent.  It’s anything BUT easy to be a divorced mom.  I say that, and I had support from my family.  I had great kids.  I was financially secure.  But, it was still the most difficult time of my life.  Of course, that means it was the time in life when I drew closest to God.

I actually started the blog.  My first post was a rant about how unfair life was.  Of course, I never finished it because I didn’t have time to devote to it.  I was a single mom who ran and ran until I collapsed in exhaustion on a daily basis.  But my rant really didn’t have a point.  I was just angry and frustrated.  And deep down inside I knew that posting my rant on the internet wasn’t going to provide hope or support for any of the single moms out there.

Fast forward several months and I am engaged to be married!  Who woulda ever thunk????  Certainly NOT me!  After being single for almost 6 years, I had actually come to terms with singlehood.  I had accepted this phase of life, which is exactly why I was the perfect candidate for my blog.  And, now, on the verge of rejoining the ranks of married couples, I was no longer perfect!

But I am going to proceed anyway.  Everyone has a “next chapter” in life.  Getting married and blending two families is certainly a next chapter.  My son just graduated from high school.  One of my friends just had a baby.  Another is facing radiation as soon as she recovers from her double masectomy.  Another friend just made a career change.  All of these are next chapters.  All of these things are life.

So I’m going to attempt this thing called a blog.  I’ll have a broader audience than originally intended, but will always remain sympathetic to single moms.  I apologize in advance for times when life gets busy and my posts are few and far between.  Just because I’m adding a husband to the picture doesn’t give me any more time in my day!

It’s my hope that you will find a blessing in my blog.  I hope you chuckle a time or two as you read my posts.  I hope you find inspiration.  I hope you learn.  I hope you draw closer to God.  I hope your next chapter is better than the last and worse than the next!


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